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  • Posted July 2, 2012
    mitzy: i was diagnosed minimal ptb with undetermined activity in upper left lobe. what does undetermined activity means?
    mitzy: my visa just came in and i m so devastated with the result what should i do?
    Doc: i think the radiologist cant decide whether the infection is active or not
    Doc: have you had your sputum checked?
    Doc: do you have any symptoms of ptb?
    mitzy: not yet im planning to have it tom
    mitzy: what if its not active? what does it mean?
    Doc: if its not active, it means it could be an old infection
    mitzy: if its active what does it mean?
    Doc: it means youre still infected and you need treatment
    mitzy: is there a possible way i can be cured in a month if its not active?
    mitzy: tomorrow i will go to a pulmonologist to discuss it
    Doc: if it's an old infection, you dont need any treatment
    Doc: it could only be a scar on your upper left lobe
    Doc: thats why you need to undergo more test
    Doc: yes the pulmonologist surely can help
    mitzy: if its an old infection what should i do?no treatment means i wont take any meds? would i be still fit to work if its inactive
    Doc: yes of course :)
    mitzy: but on my xray it would show ptb minimal are employers abroad still would accept that?
    Doc: it depends on the office's policy
    mitzy: if its active on the other hand..how many months would it take for me to medicate?
    mitzy: and what are the other test that i should take?
    Doc: but if it is an old infection, you wont transmit the bacteria to the other
    Doc: its about 6-9 months
    Doc: you could have sputum test, TB PCR or other blood test
    mitzy: could it be possible you had a tb without knowing it and it was suddenly cure? how does inactive tb happened? if you dont know you had it?
    Doc: yes if you have mild infection, so your immune system automatically against it..
    mitzy: so radiologist cannot determine thye activity only pulmonologist can?
    Doc: yes with those tests
    mitzy: i see thank you so much doctor anna
    mitzy: keep helping people with your site..thank you..Godbless
    Doc: youre most welcome.. i wish you good health mitzy