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  • Posted October 12, 2014
    mohamed : Dr. what can we do to keep safe from ebola ?
    Dr. Joel Oyibo :keeping safe from Ebola is general hygiene levels and simple hand hygiene could go a long way to protect yourself and close relatives from the ebola scare
    mohamed : What can we do now to sex our freind or prostitude
    Dr. Joel Oyibo: you could start with regular hand washing ok
    Mohamed: Before sex
    Dr. Joel Oyibo: you mean in sex , ok
    Mohamed: Yes Dr
    Dr. Joel Oyibo: Ebola virus can be found in body secretions and during seed we exchange .
    Mohamed :So you are asking me to stop all this
    Dr. Joel Oyibo :I am not, use of condoms reduces the risk and then you would only get the infection when one of the partner is infected with the virus only in that condition sex is to avoided
    Mohamed: Dr i can smoke
    Dr. Joel Oyibo: are you asking if you are permitted to smoke
    mohamed : No i can smoke but i always feel my chest What are the cure for a ciggarette smoker
    Dr. Joel Oyibo : you feel chest pain?
    Mohamed: Yes for a year now
    Dr. Joel Oyibo :cure for cigarette smoking is about deliberate efforts to rehabilitate then i would advice you visit a hospital to get some examinations and investigations done. For how long have you been smoking ?
    Mohamed: At this ebola situation you asking me to visit hospital did you want they people to give me ebola. Did you no what you are talking !
    Dr. Joel Oyibo Visiting the hospital doesn't give ebola that's why there are ebola isolation centers mohamed:Thanks for the tips Doc
    Dr. Joel Oyibo: You are welcome