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  • Posted May 25, 2012
    Me: i recently had my lungs xrayed
    Me: im thin and im in my 52
    Me: im rosie hugo
    Me: the impression is no focal consolidation w/ no acute
    cardiopulmunary pathology identified
    Doc: thats very good
    Me: chronic-appearing post infectous-inflammatory changes/fibrosis in
    both apices
    Doc: ouwh
    Me: aortaappears ectatic with athemarous calcification of its arch
    Me: am i sick doc?
    Doc: do you smoke?
    Me: no mam
    Me: no one in the family smokes
    Doc: did you have chronic cough?
    Me: no i seldom get sick mam i havent coughed for years
    Me: i havent had colds for the past couple of years
    Me: is this anything serious?
    Doc: no its probably nothing serious
    Doc: but you may had infections that you didnt realize
    Me: mam i wne to a doctor a couple of years ago and they asked for
    take some medicine
    Doc: what medicine?
    Me: just vitamins no antibiotic... i forgot already coz that waas way
    back in 1996
    Doc: ooo so thats no problem
    Me: how do i check if theres a problem
    Doc: well. the doctor will try to find out what causes your fibrosis
    Doc: most common cause is tuberculosis infection
    Doc: thats why you need to go back to the doctor
    Me: ok doc.yeah i will that
    Doc: but you don’t have any other symptoms or compaints? You feel healthy?
    Me: i have a healthy appetite, im as strong as a horse.
    Me: i seldom get sick, i dont feel nauseated its just that im painfully healthy
    Me: i mean thin not healthy
    Doc: how much do you weigh?
  • Posted May 25, 2012
    Dear Rosie,

    People with lung disease may lose weight both because it's uncomfortable to eat and because of the extra energy it takes to breathe. Yet a nutritionally rich diet that contains adequate calories is essential. A dietitian can give you further guidelines for healthy eating.

    And also respiratory infections can worsen symptoms of pulmonary fibrosis. Make sure you receive the pneumonia vaccine and an annual flu shot.

    Hope it helps :)