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  • Posted October 22, 2012
    irene: i just want to ask what is the best cure for lice of my 7 months old baby?
    Doc: where did u find the lice?
    Doc: what kind of lice?
    irene: in his head
    irene: small lices
    Doc: is there any pus or itchy scratch on ur baby's head?
    irene: what should i do to get rid of those lices?
    irene: yes
    Doc: for those lices, you can start by washing ur baby's hair regularly (with baby shampoo), then u can try to identify how/where he got the lice, whether from people around his or mhis clothes/things surrounding him
    Doc: you can wash those thing with hot water (drown them first)the wash them as usual)
    Doc: then you can bring ur baby to the dermatologist
    irene: ok
    irene: thank you so much
    irene: have a nice day
    Doc: u'r welcome