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  • Description: Malignant Melanoma is a malignant tumor of melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells that produce the dark pigment, melanin, which is responsible for the color of skin. Melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer. The disease typically arises painlessly from cells that produce the skin's pigment (melanin). These will manifest as a mole that has undergone sudden changes in shape, color, or diameter, or suspicious changes such as swelling, scaliness, itching, oozing or bleeding. If left untreated, the tumor can spread downward into deeper skin layers, and to lymph nodes and internal organs. The treatment includes surgical removal of the tumor, adjuvant treatment, chemotherapy and immunotherapy, or radiation therapy. The chance of a cure is greatest when the tumor is discovered while it is still small and thin, and can be entirely removed surgically.